Yao Yuan

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    Born in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, in 1971 Graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of the College of Fine Arts, Nanjing Normal University, in 1994, B.F.A. Degree Professor, College of Fine Arts, Nanjing Normal University Living and Working in Nanjing EXHIBITIONS 2012 Zhi Ren Wu Fa C Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting Masters, Nanjing 2012 Invitation Exhibition of China’s Most Competent and Valuable Emerging Artists, Jiangsu Tongguan Liufang March Gathering - the Ninth Group Show, Nanjing 2011 Xishan Qingyuan - the Fifth Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu The Extent of Freedom - Ink and Water, Beijing Conversation and Resonance - Group Show of Nine Chinese Provinces, Museum of Art, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Nanjing A Scenery of Ink - 70's-Born Artists’ Ink Academic Invitation Exhibition, Jiangsu Academy of Chinese Painting, Nanjing Water Flows Flowers Bloom, Fan Yang - Yao Yuan Master - Student Exhibition, Nanjing Tongguan Liufang Jiangsu Province Female Artists Selected Works, Nanjing 2010 Recreating History, Chinese New Art 2000-2009, Beijing Getaways, 2010 Chenghuai Yaji Group Show, Nanjing Yao Yuan Chinese Painting Invitation Exhibition, Huafan Luchong Nanjing Academy of Chinese Painting, Nanjing 2009 2009 Chinese Vanguard Ink Painting Fifth Annual Show, Beijing Chinese Landscape Painting Academic Invitation Exhibition and Chinese Landscape Painting Summit Forum, Chengdu 2008 21st Century Ink Painting Academic Invitation Exhibition, Beijing 2008 China’s Vanguard Ink Painting Annual Show, Beijing Thoughts on What Has Been Lost: The Painting of Yao Yuan, Yao Yuan Solo Exhibition, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong 2007 2007 China’s Vanguard Ink Painting Annual Show, Beijing and Jinan Mistakenly Placed Scenes: Yao Yuan Solo Exhibition, Nanjing Museum of Art 2006 2006 China’s Vanguard Ink Painting Annual Show, Beijing and Jinan Extension and Variation of Conventions Contemporary Chinese Ink on Paper Works Academic Invitation Exhibition, Shenzhen 2005 Leaving Traces on the Snow Yao Yuan Solo Exhibition of Chinese Paintings, Nanjing 2004 Excellence Award, Jiangsu Province Art Exhibition for the 55th Anniversary of the Funding of The People's Republic of China, Nanjing 1997 Jiangsu Province Chinese Figure Paintings Exhibition, Nanjing 1996 Jiangsu Province Emerging Artists Exhibition, Nanjing PRIZES Winner of the Silver Medal, 2009 Chinese Landscape Painting Academic Invitation Exhibition and Chinese Landscape Painting Summit Forum, Chengdu   PUBLIC COLLECTIONS The Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong (Works “Snowy Frozen Forest C Bathing Jade” and “Snowy Frozen Forest C Flowing Light” collected by the)