Fang Kai

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    Born in Liuan, Anhui Province in 1983 Graduated from The Nanjing Academy of Fine Arts in  2007, B.F.A. Living and working in Nanjing   EXHIBITIONS 2013 Nanjing Art Academy Museum, Group Exhibition Becoming: Mao Yan and Fang Kai, Atkins & Ai Gallery, Beijing 2012 Within Painting, Mao Yan and his students, Lin and Lin Gallery, Taipei 2012  Summer Group Show, Golden Eagle Contemporary Space, Nanjing Concentrate the Spirit - Observe in Stillness, Nanjing Charismatic Principles, Nanjing 2011 Shanghai Now, Melbourne Wall, Nanjing Contemporary Young Artists Exhibition 2011  Nanjing Academy of Fine Arts Graduate School Invitation Exhibition 2010 Convene, Nanjing Yang Mo Tang China Fine Arts Contest Nomination Award, Nanjing 2008 China - Korea Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing 2007 Story of the Spring Silk Worm, Nanjing