Li Yongfei

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  • Born in Hebei, 1985 Graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2007.B.F. A. degree Living and Working in Beijing, China EXHIBITIONS 2013 Ink Painting Trio, Loftooo Art Center, Shanghai 2012 CYAP Youth-Support Project, 5 Guanghua Road, International Expo Center, Beijing Secret Love, Group Exhibition, Östasiatiska Museum, Stockholm, Sweden 2011 Greenhouse Project, ZAN8 Online Art Space Youth Art 100, Temple of Earth, Beijing Fantasia in Ink Major, Atkins & Ai Gallery, Beijing 2010 DEUX DIALOGUES Special Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Artists, France Painting Art Exhibition between France and China, Strasbourg Surprised burst, Li Yongfei and Jiao Yang Exhibition, 3818 Cool Gallery, Beijing Art Rally, La Celeste Gallery. Beijing; 2009 Scattered, T. Art Center, Beijing The Four Doors of Heritage in Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting, Today Art Museum, Beijing Blue Dot Asia 2009 South Korea An Exhibition of Scultpure, 3818 Cool Gallery, Beijing PARCOURS D’ARTISTES, Pontault Combault, Paris 2008 Dream and Reality, Moon River Art Museum , Beijing Exhibition of Sculpture, Moon River Art Museum,Beijing 2007 BFA Graduation Exhibition , Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Reboot, The Third Chengdu Biennale , Chengdu International Exhibition Center, Chengdu Reasonable, iNew York Art Space , Beijing PUBLIC COLLECTIONS Chevron Corporate Collection, China Art Museum of Chengdu, Sichuan, China Beyond Art Space, 798, Beijing