In our commitment to cross-cultural initiatives, PAA has supported prestigious British institutions develop links to Chinese cultural education in recent years and vice versa. Our past and current clients and partners include:- The Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing; The University of Oxford (St Hilda’s College); and several private equity funds investing in education in China, including Hong Kong. Over the next five years, we aim to work increasingly closely with the UK government to bring British cultural institutions, accredited courses and teacher training to China. Equally, we are dedicated to seeing deeper understanding of Chinese cultural and art history in Western institutions through reciprocal exhibitions, master classes and lecture series.

In 2015, PAA was appointed as principal advisors and project managers for an academic initiative in Chinese art history attached to St Hilda’s College, the University of Oxford. Culminating in a 123 page feasibility report, PAA tested a hybrid fundraising model as well as introduced Chinese scholars, curators, collectors and other cultural stakeholders to Oxford University’s relevant departments in Chinese Language and Oriental Studies and the Art History Department under the History Faculty in the first steps towards the deeper long-term incorporation of 20th century Chinese art history courses into undergraduate, and ultimately graduate, syllabuses.

Presented in conjunction with our international exhibitions, educational symposiums and outreach programmes designed and organised by our Founder aim to introduce top academia to the exhibition-going public and students of art alike.

Last but not least, our prints and children’s books coming out in the next years both contain educational aspects developed in conjunction with leading London educational consultancy, Educate Private.