Dream Cruises

The first ship for Dream Cruises, “Genting Dream” is a vessel featuring all the comforts of authentic Asian hospitality, specifically built for the Asian market.

Underscored by Chinese motifs throughout, PAA worked closely with London-based ship design specialists SMC and Chinese contemporary artists in designing and commissioning site-specific art works that reflected the brand through deep story-telling and new heights of contemporary luxury. This was achieved through a careful balancing of historic elements featured in compositions with bold, futuristic colours and form and rich materiality, such as contemporary cloisonné using ground stone encased in wire to update traditional enamel, gold leaf and egg tempera. From folk tales in the Teppanyaki bar to the romantic peach blossom in the ‘Windows’ restaurant to strong, graphic works throughout the cabins, PAA delivered a wide variety of genre for Genting Dream, all with our attention to detail in the textures and finish of every work.

We were commissioned by SMC to give cultural consulting on a further 95 areas featuring Chinese art works from the multiple perspectives of language, symbolism and good fortune.