British Council #ConnectedbyCreativity UK-China Contemporary Festival
Panel Talk with Swire Properties CEO of China, Mr Tim Blackburn

Nurturing Cultural Vitality and Distinctiveness in Urban Development

Conversation Structure:

    • Why and how culture and heritage help urban development to support the economy, social cohesion and the environment.
    • Successful developments undertaken by Swire Properties in China and how they present and engage with UK institutions and creatives
    • How Chinese government at central and district levels is working with developers to strengthen communities, economies and place distinctiveness through culture, and what interests Chinese stakeholders about British development models
    • How Chinese audiences perceive culture and heritage
    • how the pandemic might change all of our habits to seek out more local and locally-infused spaces


  • Rehana Mughal, British Council China
  • Tim Blackburn, CEO, Swire Properties Chinese mainland
  • Emily de Wolfe Pettit, Founder & CEO, Peking Art Associates Limited
  • Lucy Minyo, Strategy & Partnerships Manager, Peking Art Associates Limited

Please click to watch this talk on British Council China’s website