Since the start of 2021, PAA has run a daily bilingual English and Mandarin art and music pairing official WeChat platform, theloyalfriend, endorsed by The British Council, UK.

  • Art and music selected by Peking Art Associates’ team of art historians and musicologists from Oxford and Fudan Universities and The Central Academy of Fine Art.
  • Original text written by Oxford art historians presented bilingually in English and Chinese.
  • We feature the epitome of art history as well as lesser-known masterpieces from The British Council,  from Italian Renaissance luminaries to the first Abstractionists, from Chinese shan shui mountainscapes to Persian miniatures.


theloyalfriend is not only intended to inspire, but also be insightful.


theloyalfriend is a small platform, now expanding through a competition opened up to the 600,000 alumni of British Universities based in China, whereby the public selects a piece of music to pair with an art work fromThe British Council Art Collection in the United Kingdom.