Emily de Wolfe Pettit is the Founder and the Chief Cross-Cultural Strategist of Peking Art Associates. Peking Art Associates (PAA) is a full service art advisory firm with broad mainland China and international experience in large-scale hospitality, corporate, academic and museum projects. An independent Chinese art specialist and cross-cultural strategist with deep, first-hand experience of working with artists and institutions within China and the presentation of Chinese art internationally, Ms de Wolfe Pettit personally designs and oversees every project undertaken by PAA. Her extensive grounding in the aesthetic development of art commissions and integration into interior design, the presentation of exhibition material including academic writing, and the direction of complex, large-scale projects come to bear in corporate and brand positioning in China through coherent art collection strategy, thought-through placement and customised story-telling. It also means we are able to balance vision with practicality and academia with accessibility. All of the resources of PAA and the knowledge of the firm’s team are available to assist in the design effort and to carry that effort forward through technical knowledge, rigorous due diligence and competent administration.