Emily de Wolfe Pettit interviewed by City AM, London, July 2017

But how do you know what to invest in? The last word goes to Pettit. “Buy something that makes your heart beat faster,” she advises. Read the interview: “There’s More Chinese Culture Than Willow-Patterned Plates”

Architectural Digest at home with PAA’s Founder, Emily de Wolfe Pettit, March 2017

She described her first encounter with Beijing as one of those life changing moments. It happened quite quickly and it has been many years of hard work but it has paid off – from gradually meeting Chinese artists, to total fascination with the diversity of Chinese contemporary art scene, even though an institutionalised art scene did not really exist when Emily began her career. The Arts are intertwined in many ways in Emily’s life; her rich knowledge of music, philosophy and literature has equipped her with a comprehensive and exacting eye for visual arts. Led by her business acumen, she made the visionary decision to move to Shanghai in 2006 and set up an independent contemporary Chinese art consultancy, when she had just turned 27. She then moved to Beijing several years later and we are sitting in the flat in a diplomatic compound she has leased ever since. “This flat has very high ceilings for central Beijing. With no other tall buildings nearby to block the view, I really enjoy the cityscape, the embassy district and the park beyond. When I first took it on, the flat was not distinctive and it had no spirit or warmth. I could not alter the layout, but I did covert the old laundry room into a reading room. I often work, read and write there, immersing myself into isolated serenity.”

Emily featured on Christies TV for The Hurun Art Foundation, March 2016

On the occasion of the Hurun Report Art Foundation’s inaugural exhibition in London, Christie’s filmed Emily de Wolfe Pettit speaking about the exhibition

Rupert Hoogewerf & Emily de Wolfe Pettit interviewed by Artinfo for The Inaugural Hurun Foundation London Exhibition, Feb 2016

“Circles Lines” at London’s China Exchange is the Hurun Art Foundation’s first exhibition in Europe. Coinciding with Chinese New Year, the celebration of Chinese contemporary art features the work of fifteen artists including Wang Tiande, Qiu Jie, and Shen Fan, to name a few.” – Nicholas Forrest, Artinfo

Emily de Wolfe Pettit’s Curatorial work for Rosewood Beijing receives mention in The Sydney Morning Herald, Dec 2014

Traditional and contemporary art, curated by Emily de Wolfe Pettit, founder of Beijing-based Arts Influential China consultancy, showcases a range of local artists.

Supporting Creativity & Philanthropy Captured by China Daily, November 2013

Emily de Wolfe Pettit and her colleague Li Yi Hui were delighted to accompany Ian Charles Stewart of the ground-breaking foundation Wheels Plus Wings on a journey into Hebei province to visit Wang Meng Xing last month, a budding artist with a remarkable personal story of art’s creative power over physical adversity.

Our visit was recorded by China Daily.

Press for Chi Ming & J S Tan: The Fine Art Society London Joint Summer 2013 Exhibition

The Fine Art Society Contemporary is presenting the work of two bright young stars of the Beijing art world, Chi Ming and J S Tan. Following on from their joint exhibition with Atkins & Ai Gallery, Beijing, last year, Testing Freedom’s Temperature will mark the London debut for both artists.

Visually the artists differ, but explore the same pervading themes of their young post-Mao generation and raise questions about the implications of China’s economic and cultural change. For two decades Chinese youth have lived, unlike their elders, without the ‘religion of Mao’. Theirs is a new culture with bigger boundaries and rampant materialism.

“The works of J S Tan and Chi Ming, in radically different ways, harbour the stirrings of a complex adaptive reaction to the de-centering of our modern institutions. The honesty of their felt experience and their ability to explore dialectics in their art are a testimony of their talent as artists and as bold forerunners of a generation in transition.” – Michelle Ho (Atkins & Ai Gallery Writer)

Recommendation on CNN Traveler for Peking Art Associates, formerly Arts Influential China, May 2013

Leading up to the 2008 Olympics, Beijing went on a hotel building frenzy. Unlike in other Olympic cities, however, long after the medal winners moved on the tourists kept coming.

The newest hotels to hit China’s capital are seen as ambassadors of the new Beijing.

A graphic rendering of Rosewood (left), due to open later this year.

Slated for an autumn opening opposite the CCTV Tower, Rosewood Beijing will be the Texas-based group’s first foray into China.

The 284 apartment-styled guest rooms and suites average a spacious 50 square meters.

Facilities will include seven food outlets, indoor pool, gym and yoga studio. An on-site spa will feature six private treatment rooms, while spa addicts can opt to stay in one of the five spa suites.

The Beijing hotel will feature artworks sourced by curators Arts Influential China.

– By Tina Hsiao & Jules Kay for CNN

Coutts’ The Experts with Emily de Wolfe Pettit as selected Art Buff for Beijing, Conde Nast Traveller, March 2013

Mandarin-speaking, Oxford-educated, Australian-born de Wolfe Pettit, is an art advisor, curator and dealer, all neatly rolled into one. This means she can help you whether you’re a newbie collector looking for the hottest, up-and-coming name, or a serious player with a mind-blowing budget who wants to visit painter Zhang Xiaogang at work in his studio before pocketing half a dozen pieces to take home. She’s got her beady eye permanently on the market (much like Charles Saatchi, who is all aflutter over the Chinese scene), keeping track of auction records and sales, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of which artists are exhibiting where and which emerging ones you need to know. If you would like to visit a private Chinese museum or pop into a heavyweight collector’s home, she will whip out her iPhone and have it sorted in a jiffy.

Vernissage TV, Broadcast of Interview with Chi Ming, November 2012

‘Chi Ming – JS Tan: Testing Freedom’s Temperature’ displays the works by Chi Ming (Yan Tai, 1984) and JS Tan (Hong Kong, 1986). Both artists, associated with their country’s leading art professors and two of the world’s finest art colleges, CAFA in Beijing and Rhode Island School of Design in USA, explore processes of freedom and liberty through their artistic expression, the power of choice and self-determination. Placing their works side-by-side, it is interesting to witness the sensual quality of Tan’s ink and charcoal works, full of discipline and unambiguity, together with the hot-headed Chi Ming’s oil paintings, captive of his desires and intimate scenarios.
– Diana Coco