In our commitment to education across cultures, PAA has been producing catalogues and exhibitions for over a decade. As a compliment to this, we create educational events with scholars, artists and curators and now for the first time APP’s for children’s education, harnessing the rich content we have commissioned and accumulated over the years.

PAA’s team include scholars from Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Beijing and Fudan University, and The Central Academy of Fine Art, who regularly deliver specialist lectures and art talks and podcasts:-

  • Lanting Shufa Xueyuan, Shaoxing, ‘Xu Wei yu Huangdi (Xu Wei and the Emperor), September 2014.
  • Hebei Academy of Fine Art, Shijiazhuang, ‘Xu Wei yu huangdi (Xu Wei and the Emperor), September 2014.
  • Oxford University, ‘Xu Wei’s Predicament of Loyalty’, May 2015.
  • Aurelia Art Festival, 2020
  • SOAS, London, ‘The History of the Ming Dynasty’, March 2021.
  • ‘Online Presence Workshop’, Creative Entrepreneurs, May 2021.
  • Asia Art Hong Kong, ‘Xu Wei: Art, Mandess, and Persona’, August 2021.
  • Oriental Ceramic Society, London,  ‘Art Objects and Nostalgia in the Dream of the Red Mansions’, Ausgust 2021.
  • ‘Morning Rise’, Interviews with Rise Art Aritsts, ongoing.
  • ‘Art Laughs’ YouTube Channel, ongoing
  • ‘Art Plugged’ Spotify Podcasts, ongoing