LI YIHUI, Corporate Account Manager

Li Yihui (李一卉),a Jiangxi Province native, undertook her Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Management Accounting at Beijing’s Capital University of Economics and Business (CUEB), where she was a recipient of the prestigious Renmin Scholarship. Finishing in the top ten percent of her class, Yihui went on the study at the University of Reading’s Henley Business School (ICMA Centre), where she graduated with a Master of Science in Investment Management and demonstrated her aptitude with Merit. During her studies abroad, Yihui pursued her avid interest in world culture, and her keen personal interest in photography, which has led her to extensive travel to areas of cultural and art historical significance in the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Ireland. Upon returning to China in 2013, Yihui has combined her skills in business administration and her cross-cultural interests in her role as Executive Assistant to the Director of Peking Art Associates and our Corporate Account Manager. In her former role as Ms Pettit's assistant, Yihui has conducted commissioned research on the Chinese art market and artists for clients (including funds and art management companies based in the U.K.); participated in the Guardian Fine Art Asia Trade Fair, Beijing on behalf of PAA and London’s oldest dealership, Gladwell and Patterson, introducing Western Impressionist masterpieces including works by Monet, Pissarro and Sisley to a Chinese collector audience; assisted in the composition of artists’ catalogues and translated artists’ articles between Chinese and English; and supported the Director in international secondary market sales. Yihui’s work in this capacity has exposed her to a broad range of the finest Chinese modern and contemporary art and one-on-one meetings with PAA and cultural and ambassadorial figures at the highest level, ranging from Professor Fan Di’An, Director of the National Art Museum of China, Madame Wang Yannan, Director and President of China Guardian Auction House, and Irish Ambassador to China, Mr Paul Kavanagh. In her role as Corporate Account Manager, Yihui has been primarily responsible for overseeing our company’s contract with New World Hospitality for the supply and installation of all art works at Rosewood Beijing, the largest art hotel by scope and scale of its kind in the world today. Yihui has coordinated with artists, both Chinese and Western, suppliers and traditional craftsmen, together with the architect’s team and hotel’s project management for the seamless running of the project on time and within budget. Yihui has also been involved in a recent project for P&O cruises, U.K. involving both Chinese and Australian artists and a Chinese energy company based in Shanghai. Li Yihui speaks fluent Mandarin and English.