PEKING ART ASSOCIATES is a full service art advisory firm with broad mainland China and international experience in large-scale academic, museum, corporate and hospitality projects.

PAA has first-hand experience in the technical development of art commissions and integration into design, the relationships and agility required in presentation of exhibition and cross-border cultural engagement, and are qualified in the management of complex legacy projects for corporate and brand positioning through programming and permanent collection building through coherent art collection strategy, curation and customised story-telling with scope.

All of the resources of PAA and the extensive experience of the firm’s associates and strategic partners are available to assist in the design effort and to carry the effort forward through technical development, rigorous due diligence and competent administration and accounting.


Hospitality Projects

Peking Art Associates (PAA) works with hospitality clients globally in not only the hotel, but across the cruise ship, casino, restaurant and private club sectors.


Peking Art Associates conceives and manages exhibitions that promote cross-cultural understanding between China and the rest of the world.

Corporate & Office Projects

PAA corporate and brand positioning in China through art collection and programming.


In our commitment to cross-cultural initiatives, PAA has supported prestigious British institutions develop links to Chinese cultural eduction in recent years and vice versa.

Luxury Residential Projects

PAA has undertaken the art curation, production and installation of a number of residential developments in Beijing.

Private Realty Sales

Peking Art Associates has over ten years' experience private treaty sales of Chinese Contemporary and Modern and increasingly pan-Asian and Post-War and Contemporary world art.